What is write.on.read?

This blog will be many things: book reviews, essays, literary tarot spreads, random musings. Essentially, it will be a collection of adventures in thought and meaning, fueled by libraries and life.

I’m going to start out categorizing and tagging posts, for my own search sanity if nothing else. But I’m hoping you’ll find this useful too. Categories will be broad, overarching types of posts. You’ll be able to find a list of them on the About page. Tags will be more specific, including genres for the books discussed and names of decks used in the literary tarot spreads.

Because many of my posts will be about books, I will also include a “Spoiler Alert” at the top of any post that includes spoilers. Wherever possible, I will also try to confine the spoilers to a specific section within the post that you can read up to, or skip beyond, if you want to avoid them.

Suggestions or Requests?

Comment below or email me at hello.writeonread@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading!

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